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A vehicle service contract, also known as an extended warranty, is coverage associated with the cost
of repair work on your vehicle. This would include the cost of parts, labor, and sales taxes that occur
when your vehicle is no longer covered by the manufacturer.

Purchasing a vehicle service contract give you the peace of mind knowing that your vehicle will be
repaired at your trusted service facility without you having to pay out of pocket, except for a small
deductible (if any). The manufacturer will only provide your vehicle with a warranty for a certain amount
of time or mileage (ex: 3 years or 36,000miles). After the initial warranty is expired, you are on your
own. Unfortunately for many, the costly repairs occur after the manufacturer has just expired. Our
vehicle service contract will cover you when it matters most.

All vehicle service contracts cover mechanical breakdown or failure and other automotive repairs.
There are different levels of coverage to choose from based on your vehicle’s make, model, year and
mileage. Most plans can be customized to your vehicle and the important components it needs to stay
on the road. We also offer additions and add-ons to ensure nothing is forgotten. To learn more about
the different plans we offer, call our customer care department at (877) 747-6982 Monday-Friday 9AM
to 5PM Eastern time..

Any licensed repair facility in the US or Canada! That’s right, you are NOT limited to where you can
take your vehicle to get repaired with our vehicle service contract. Most consumers have their
preferences and we understand that. We prefer our customers bring their vehicle to the repair facility of
their choice as well as using the licensed technician they trust.

Unfortunately, an extended warranty obtained by a dealership is not only overpriced but also
included in your purchase price. This means that you are also paying finance and interest fees on the
product. There is also not much difference in the components it covers and most of time, it limits you to
where you can bring the car in for repairs – either that specific dealer service center or those like it in
the area. Our vehicle service contract allows you to use the policy at any repair facility in the US or
Canada that is licensed. This means if you are traveling while needing a repair, the policy is useful
anywhere. The best part of it all is that our vehicle service contract does not charge interest or finance
fees on the premium. No hidden fees or agendas.

Yes, you will also receive full accessibility to a 24-hour roadside assistance package included with
every vehicle service contract. This will give you access to towing, lock out services, fuel delivery
services, battery boost/jump start, tire assistance as well as food and lodging expenses if you are
traveling and stranded outside of your hometown waiting for your vehicle to be repaired. You will also
have access to rental car reimbursement. For additional costs, we also offer enhanced coverage options.
To learn more, call (205) 537 8961 Monday-Friday 9AM to 5PM.

Unlike many extended dealer warranties, our vehicle service contract understands and acknowledges
consumer budgets. Our certified representatives have many payment options available to assist
consumers based on what can be afforded. We believe in quality over quantity. The premium of each
policy offered is based on the year, make, model, and mileage. These premiums are also finance and
interest fee free.

Drivesmart is the administrator who will pay all the claims approved on your vehicle. When you bring
your vehicle to the licensed repair facility of your choice, please have your trusted mechanic or
technician call the claims telephone number listed on the member card or policy handbook. The
technician will report all of the information related to the repair work being done on your vehicle and
once authorized, Drivesmart will pay for your claims directly over the phone with a corporate credit card.
You are only responsible for paying the deductible (if any) to the repair facility.

You have options if a vehicle is sold or traded while it’s covered under the vehicle service contract.
The contract can be transferred to your newly purchased vehicle, the contract can be sold with the
vehicle by transferring policyholders- making the vehicle more valuable and desirable or the policy can
be canceled and you might be eligible for a pro-rata.

We strongly advise you to contact our customer care department at +1 888 317 0090 Monday-Friday
9AM to 5PM Eastern time. Our certified representatives are always available to answer any questions
you may have or to obtain the best quote for your vehicle. We also have a customer e-mail service
always at the ready: